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What don't you do?

If you're looking for a partner to go on a death march with you and deliver a giant Prince2 managed project, we're not the company for you. You need a large, probably offshore, IT company and some very deep pockets. We wish you all the best, but it's not for us.

How fast do you get results?

Our current record is delivering a PowerBI dashboard, complete with data tidying (transformation, in techie speak) in a weekend. We work in days not weeks, and weeks not months. It's longer if you're in a real mess, and shorter if you've done some work already. We'd love to beat the record!

How much does it cost?

We charge £550 a day, plus VAT. That's the same rate whether you're working with an analyst, a data engineer, or a report builder. There are discounts for bulk buying days, and we'll always estimate up front once we know what we're dealing with. Our goal is to get you self sufficient so we can move on, not to lock you into expensive, painful projects.


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